The Yamaha PAC112J Electric Guitar Is Known As The Ultimate Beginner’s Guitar. You Won’t Believe The Reasons Why.


Today I will be reviewing a guitar known by guitarists as “the ultimate beginner’s guitar”. This is the Yamaha PAC112J electric guitar. It is known as the ultimate beginner’s guitar because it often comes as a starter pack for beginners. It includes:

  • The guitar
  • Guitar strap
  • Guitar case

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The End Of An Era… Or So You Think.

For the past seven days, I have blogged about electric guitars that are perfect for beginner guitarists. Its purpose was to help beginner guitarists look for and buy their first and right electric guitar. I think it served its purpose well. But like everything else, it has come to an end. Today concludes the “Your First Electric Guitar” blog. However, it does not mean that I’m retiring. It just means I’ll be on hiatus. I might continue with my blog in the future. If I do, I may extend my topic from electric guitars to other musical instruments and music gear. So don’t fret.

Here are all the blog posts for “Your First Electric Guitar”:

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Day 7:

Dean Vendetta XM Electric Guitar


Today I will be reviewing the Dean Vendetta XM electric guitar. This is a true beginner’s guitar and those who love heavy metal. Once it is plugged in, this beast will scream bloody murder. It is simple, yet powerful.


Dean Guitars found in 1976 in Florida. Their main products were guitars. Years later, they started producing other products, such as:

  • Bass guitars
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Amplifiers
  • Pickups

Many famous guitarists have used Dean guitars, making Dean a well-respected company. Here are a few of those guitarists:

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AXL Badwater SRO Electric Guitar


Here is an unusual looking guitar: The AXL Badwater SRO electric guitar. AXL Guitars are famous for their weird body finishes. People look at the cracks and burned features of the guitar with disgust. They think: “Why would anybody try to sell this old, moldy guitar? Look at it. It is disgusting!” If you are wondering why, let me enlighten you.

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Sterling by Music Man SUB Silo3 Electric Guitar


Today I will review the Sterling by Music Man SUB Silo3 electric guitar. Made by Music Man, known for manufacturing guitars and bass guitars, it is a world-class guitar for beginners or guitar collectors. And its perfect for any kind of music. Just think of all the riffs and solos you can write with this beast. You will love it.

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